Butter Cat is an adventure video game in progress featuring Butter Cat, an ordinary house cat involved in an unlikely scenario of quantum physics gone awry. The primary object of the game is to investigate a semi-cataclysmic event that occurs due to scientists’ attempts to resolve the paradox of what happens when a cat, which always lands on its feet, is dropped from a height, while carrying on its back a piece of buttered toast, which always lands butter-side down.

Paradox is a central theme of the game, and almost all key elements in the game reference or describe known paradoxes; in some cases, knowledge of the specific paradox is required for a player to accomplish a task or successfully advance in the game.

The game mechanics will include combat, puzzle-solving, meta-problem solving and indirect influence of the main character via environmental manipulation. The game is intended for digital publishing on Steam, PlayStation, XBOX, and limited run physical renditions for the same and other platforms. It is developed in C#, using the FNA library.

Butter Cat is being developed by Daniel Crenna and Stephen J. Maas, whose previous game development work includes River City Ransom: Underground.